These studio policies are designed to create a clear set of guidelines to ensure a positive experience with Somerset Suzuki Violin Studio.

Parent Role

Parents of students working in Books 1-3 are required to attend each lesson. It is very important to your child's progress that the parent partner be consistent. The parent's role is to take notes in the lesson, ensure recordings are being played at home daily and to help master concepts taught in the lessons.

Please turn cell phones off before entering the studio so students are not disrupted.


Taking up a musical instrument requires commitment. In order for your child to continually enjoy their lessons and progress, a consistent amount of time should be allotted for practice daily. Below I have listed minimum practice times I expect for each book level. Please discuss this with the whole family before deciding to join my studio.

  • Bk I (20- 30 minutes/5 days)
  • Bk 2-3 (30- 45 minutes/5 days)
  • Bk 4-5 (60 minutes/5 days)
  • Bk 5 and up (60 to 90 minutes/5 days)

Group Classes

Group classes are an integral part of this program and are not optional. Payment for groups is required even if it is impossible for a student to attend unless you can complete your group requirement somewhere else. Supplemental groups need to be approved by the teacher. Please give advanced notice if you will be missing group for whatever reason. Missed group classes by the student will not be made up or refunded.

Missed Lessons

If you need to miss a private lesson 24 hours notice is needed in order to be eligible for a make- up lesson. Emergency situations will be evaluated on an individual basis. If you cannot make up lessons in the times offered you will lose your lesson even if 24 hours notice was given. Families are welcome to trade lessons with another family in the studio.

No refund will be given for missed lessons without 24hrs notice. A make up lesson will not be offered. Please do not attend your lesson if you or your child is sick. All lessons missed by the teacher for whatever reason will be made up.

Students who arrive late to their lesson will receive the remainder of their lesson and not more. It is recommended that you arrive 5-10minutes earlier to take instrument out and be ready to start on time.